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Large Format Poster Standard Sizes

6 Sheet or Superlite

PosterSizeSafe Area
More O Ferrall / Adshel1800mmx1200mm1760mm x 1160mm
Decaux1750mm x 1185mm1710mm x 1160mm
Viacom1800mm x 1200mm1755mm x 1160mm
Primesites1800mm x 1200mm1720mm x 1160mm






4 Sheet based

DescriptionSize InchesSize
4 Sheet PosterThis size is usually referred to as a 4 sheet poster and is regularly used for outdoor advertising60"x40"1524mm x 1016mm
12 Sheet PosterA poster comprising three 60x40 sections joined.60" x 120"1524mm x 3048mm
16 Sheet PosterA poster comprising four 60x40 sections joined.120" x 80"3048mm x 2032mm
32 Sheet PosterA poster comprising eight 60x40 sections joined.120" x 160"3048mm x 4064mm
48 Sheet PosterA poster comprising twelve 60x40 sections joined.120" x 240"3048mm x 6096mm
96 Sheet PosterA poster comprising twenty four 60x40 sections joined.120" x 480"3048mmx 12192mm


Small Format Poster

QuadA regular size used outdoor and indoor and largeluy in cinema industry30" x 40"762mm x 1016mm
D. RoyalA regular size used mainly by British Rail.40" x 25"1016mm x 635mm
D. CrownA regular size used mainly by in-store promotions.30" x 20"762mm x 508mm
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