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Image & File Types

To get the best out of our digital print, image files (TIF, JPG, BMP, GIF etc.) should ideally be a minimum of 300dpi resolution at full size of the picture embedded in your document. Lower resolutions can still produce acceptable results but we recommend the above spec and also that images and colours are converted to CMYK for best colour reproduction.

Our Large format Poster Printers require this resolution to be at least 100dpi at the same size of print output.

If supplying an Acrobat® file, for example in A4 and this needs to be blown up to a larger size (say A2, then the image resolution in your A4 document needs to be at least 200dpi). Please make sure the image resolution at the final scale is at least 100dpi.

We conduct ‘pre-flight checks’ on all work and check for any errors or problematic issues and solve many of the issues for the presses or large format printers. However, in case of major problems our production manager will inform you of any of these before comitting your job to print.

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