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Digital Print Variable Data

Variable Data

Let’s make this personal!

So now let’s get close up and personal. Personalised targeted mailers are proven to increase response rates by up to a massive 35% on conventional mailers. At Face Creative we can produce highly tailored mailings on our high end HP Indigo and Xeikon presses.

So, personalisation. We all know it works and it has been standard practice to ‘personalise’ by laser overprinting customer details. But this just doesn’t do it for approximately 98% of all direct mail recipients. True personalisation means using all the information about a customer, their stated preferences or purchase history, to ensure the sales message is entirely relevant.

Most organisations hold, or can acquire, this information, but rarely exploit it to the full. In part, due to the limitations of traditional printing, where single colour overprinting is the only cost effective option. But any colour image changes require new artwork and plates for each mailer. Multiply these costs for hundreds, let alone thousands…well the rest is obvious; as is your clients reaction!

The variable data options with digital printing are virtually unlimited. In a single print run each document can be completely different. There are almost no restrictions. Text, photographs, maps, logos, graphs…anything can be changed, anywhere on the page. Even the image on the front cover can be different to every recipient.

And the cost? Yes, a personalised run is more expensive than a generic digital print mailer, but most of the extra cost is in the data management initially, and if you’re looking at an increased response rate of in excess of 35%, your client will consider it money well spent.

So, if you want to make your target market anaudience of onecontact us now.

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