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Tips & Guides Setting-up your document

Setting up Your Document

The standard paper size for our digital print on our two Xeikon 5000 presses is SRA2 (470mm x 640mm). However, this can be stretched to produce 475mm x 9 metres. The standard paper size for two HP Indigo presses is SRA3 (320mm x 450mm).

Multi page documents

Please supply all multi-page documents and related files as a ‘one up’ or single sheets to view. Do not ‘step and repeat’ your document. Our system will create the ‘imposition file’ (several impressions on one sheet) for your work offering the most efficient and economic solution based on our printing and finishing specification.

Blank Pages

Please include any blank pages, where they are needed and make sure the total number of pages is as specified for the final product. For saddle stitched booklets, the number of pages needs to be divisible by 4 and for other types of finishing (wiro – perfect binding) the number of page must be ‘even’ or divisible by 2.


If the cover is to be laminated or printed on a heavier stock or that it will need other processes (such as foil blocking, embossed or spot varnished etc.) please specify. We may require you to supply cover files with a ‘spine’, as a spread in a separate document.

Self cover

For example if you have produced a booklet of which the inside front and back of the cover have no content make sure you include the blanks in your document – we will check these but you’d save time and avoid any possible errors down the line!

Spine for Perfect binding

Obviously, the thickness of the spine depends on a number of variable factors depending on job specification. These include, number of pages, the stock thickness of the inside pages + any inserts and any additional space necessary to allow for creasing of the cover. The latter is related to the thickness of the cover after laminating of the stock. To get an accurate measure, please consult your account executive or our production department.

Bleeding of the edge of the paper

If an image or colour runs off a page in any direction, you must allow for some ‘bleed’ so that when the guillotine blade cuts the printed paper, it cuts through the excess image and leaves no white edges. We suggest a minimum of 3mm extra on each edge that needs bleeding.

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