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Our comprehensive studio facility has been setup to accept files produced in almost any application available on the Mac or PC. In addition to the professional and the industry standard design and publications applications such as, Adobe® Indesign®, QuarkXpress®, and we support the full range of Microsoft® applications and other lesser-known or specialist tools.

PDF (Portable Document Format)

This is the industry standard format for supplying proofed documents for print. Adobe Acrobat® is the leading provider of standard PDF files. However there are plenty of other applications that provide perfectly compatible PDF files. Our system is geared to accept and process any PDF file for digital printing or large format printing. However, PDF files are generally written for various purposes including for the web or proofing purposes and thus in this process can be written for the screen with lower resolutions (72-96 dpi) and other reduced specifications in order to keep file sizes low.

PDF written specifically for high resolution printing purposes are prepared without downsizing image resolutions, may be required to include all fonts and their subsets or converting all text to curves and without specifying colour profiles. If you are in doubt please contact our customer service 0845 543 9048.

We conduct pre-flight checks on all files and produce imposition files from your PDF files queued for printing. We can correct or adjust for such specifications and in cases of major problems will inform you before printing.

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