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Green Credentials

Green Credentials

FSC Chain of Custody and PEFC accreditation was awarded to Face Creative Services in 2009. We now use exclusively Premier Papers FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) papers on our Xeikon and Indigo presses for all our digital print production. Also available are recycled materials including Greencoat for the Indigo and Cyclustec for the Xekon, these papers come in a variety of weights. Although Digital Printing is an efficient way of reducing wastage, Face Creative Services will be endeavouring to continue to reduce its carbon footprint throughout 2011. Face Creative use environmentally friendly chlorine-free, virgin paper (FSC) which creates a even smaller carbon footprint than recycled stock whenever possible.

All our paper waste is removed from the premises by Regency Recycling.

Our industrial waste oil is removed by Safety Kleen Industrial Services.
Recyclable waste paper is dealt with by Grosvenor Waste Management

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